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Working across multiple continents, Nattali Rize continues her mission to empower and inspire collective freedom through her upcoming debut full-length release Rebel Frequency, out now through Rootfire Cooperative / Baco Records as of March 24, 2017. Following her relocation to Kingston in 2014, Nattali now lives where the music takes her. Modern technology and a tireless world travel schedule have broken down artistic barriers, allowing the Rebel Frequency album to be put together between the cultural hubs of Kingston, Jamaica, and Australia. The term ‘social change’ is not quite enough for Nattali, her thinking is more along the lines of “full systemic overhaul!” with Rebel Frequency Nattali declares “We’re here to deliver a different frequency to what is being transmitted by the current world system and culture of consumerism and mental slavery. Our words, melodies, rhythms, and intentions are to empower and inspire full freedom – that frequency is a rebel in this paradigm.”

Already building a strong impression with established artists and events, Nattali Rize is poised to emerge through the corporate noise machine with Rebel Frequency. From Om to Ohm, the message presented is not only about building up your own mental and spiritual freedom, but standing up and resisting the oppression of others. She has already seen high praise from top-tier outlets such as Rolling Stone, NPR, and Yahoo Music.

Nattali’s conscious messaging aligned so well with the mission of Rootfire Cooperative, the unique not-for-profit label, that the alliance was a no-brainer for both parties. To push the boundaries of worldwide music injection further, Nattali’s European label, Baco Records, is also engaged in the U.S. release marking a debut for the company and highlighting Nattali’s overall International vision. “Super excited to be working with this new and amazing team of like minds to deliver music to the masses, the music biz is shifting, musicians need to shift with it and create new pathways and concepts” states Nattali.

“Rootfire has always aimed to share music that is important. Now in our second year, Rootfire Cooperative was in perfect alignment with the band’s ethos to connect and spread truth through music, and along with Baco Records, we are grateful for the opportunity to share this significant and urgent album from Nattali Rize.” – Seth Herman, Rootfire director.

Rebel Frequency was written and recorded at the legendary Tuff Gong Studios with additional recording at home studios Rize built in both Kingston and Australia. The Album sees Nattali teaming up with renowned musicians Unga Barunga (drums), Jason Welsh (bass), Phillip ‘Winta’ James (keyboards), Stephen ‘Reverend’ Maxwell (keyboards), Lamont ‘Monty’ Savory (guitars), and Tammi T Moncrieffe (backing vocals). Long time Rize collaborator Carlo “OneRebel” Santone oversees production on the project, which also includes productions from the likes of Notis Heavyweightrockaz (JA) & Lotek (UK). The freedom provided by multiple studios and producers allowed Nattali to continue working on the album around her busy touring schedule, making sure no moment of inspiration fell through the cracks.

The songs on Rebel Frequency speak powerful volumes, urging the listener’s attention to tune in. According to Nattali, the album symbolizes “the current evolution of the frequencies we are forming and amplifying as musician, artist, and human. It’s about continuing to expand and extend our musical inspiration and connection to our global family.” The title track “Rebel Frequency” sets the thematic tone for the entire album, set on the foundation of a strong riddim. Fans of Nattali will be happy to see their favorite collaborations making the album cut in the stylings of “Natty Rides Again” and “Generations Will Rize.” New collaborations abound with “Evolutionary”, which features Dre Island and Jah9 out of Jamaica. “Heart of a Lion” brings Notis back for their second featured track. No tyrannical system is safe from the socially vigilant lyrical phrasing of Nattali Rize, as showcased by the tracks “Hypocrisy” and “One People.”

Nattali Rize has already created quite the stir on an international level, and the release of her debut album is sure to cause more waves.  Rebel Frequency, hits airwaves and outlets everywhere.

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Rebel Frequency Tracklisting:

  1. Rebel Frequency
  2. Natty Rides Again
  3. Warriors
  4. One People
  5. Evolutionary (ft. Dre Island & Jah9)
  6. Heart of a Lion (ft. Notis Heavyweightrockaz)
  7. Fly Away (ft. Raging Fyah)
  8. Meditation
  9. Generations Will Rize (ft. Kabaka Pyramid & Notis Heavyweightrockaz)
  10. Hypocrisy
  11. Free Up Your Mind
  12. Ever Rizing Dub