Jan 24, 2017 The Catalyst w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Santa Cruz, CA
Jan 25, 2017 The Catalyst w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Santa Cruz, CA
Jan 26, 2017 UC Theatre w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Berkeley, CA
Jan 27, 2017 Ace of Spades w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Sacramento, CA
Jan 28, 2017 Mateel Community Center w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Redway, CA
Jan 31, 2017 WOW Hall w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Eugene, OR
Feb 1, 2017 Wonder Ballroom w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Portland, OR
Feb 2, 2017 Showbox Theatre w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Seattle, WA
Feb 3, 2017 Revolution Concert House w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Boise, ID
Feb 4, 2017 Hangar House w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Salt Lake City, UT
Feb 7, 2017 The Pub Station w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Billings, MT
Feb 8, 2017 Belly Up Aspen w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Aspen, CO
Feb 9, 2017 Ogden Theatre w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Denver, CO
Feb 10, 2017 Mesa Theater w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Grand Junction, CO
Feb 11, 2017 The Waiting Room w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Omaha, NE
Feb 14, 2017 Turf Club w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah St. Paul, MN
Feb 15, 2017 The Rave Bar w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Milwaukee, WI
Feb 16, 2017 Double Door w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Chicago, IL
Feb 17, 2017 The Stache @ The Intersection w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Grand Rapids, MI
Feb 18, 2017 Rex Theater w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Pittsburgh, PA
Feb 21, 2017 Toad's Place w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah New Haven, CT
Feb 22, 2017 Iriving Plaza w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah New York, NY
Feb 23, 2017 House of Blues w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Boston, MA
Feb 24, 2017 Blue Ocean Music Hall w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Salisbury, MA
Feb 25, 2017 TLA w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Philadelphia, PA
Feb 26, 2017 9:30 Club w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Washington, DC
Mar 1, 2017 The NorVa w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Norfolk, VA
Mar 2, 2017 Music Farm - Charleston w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Charleston, SC
Mar 3, 2017 Vinyl Music Hall w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Pensacola, FL
Mar 4, 2017 One Eyed Jacks w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah New Orleans, LA
Mar 5, 2017 Warehouse Live Studio w/ Tribal Seeds & Raging Fyah Houston, TX
Mar 11, 2017 Womadelaide Adelaide, SA, Australia
Mar 13, 2017 Womadelaide Adelaide, SA, Australia
Mar 17, 2017 Womad NZ New Plymouth, New Zealand
Mar 19, 2017 Womad NZ New Plymouth, New Zealand
Mar 31, 2017 Le Fil St-Etienne (France)
Apr 1, 2017 L’usine Istres (France)
Apr 7, 2017 Club Stary Klasztor Wroclaw (Poland)
Apr 8, 2017 Club Zetpete Kraków (Poland)
Apr 9, 2017 Club Hydrozagadka Warszawa (Poland)
Apr 12, 2017 Lucerna Music Bar Prague (CZ)
Apr 13, 2017 Backstage Munich (Germany) Reggaeville Easter Special
Apr 14, 2017 Fabrik Hamburg (Germany) Reggaeville Easter Special
Apr 15, 2017 Dietrich-Keuning-Haus Dortmund (Germany) Reggaeville Easter Special
Apr 16, 2017 Alte Feuerwache Mannheim (Germany) Reggaeville Easter Special
Apr 18, 2017 Melkweg Amsterdam (NL)
Apr 19, 2017 Le Trianon Paris (France)
Apr 20, 2017 Aeronef Lille (FR)
Apr 22, 2017 Agora Evry (France)
Apr 23, 2017 Gebr. De Nobel Leiden (NL)
Apr 25, 2017 Vooruit Ghent (BE)
Apr 27, 2017 Espace Ligeria Montlouis/Loire (FR)
Apr 28, 2017 Thônex Live Genève (CH)
Apr 29, 2017 Fri-Son Fribourg (CH)
Apr 30, 2017 Les Abattoirs Bourgoin-Jailleu (FR)
Jun 30, 2017 Summerjam Festival Cologne (GER)
Aug 11, 2017 Boomtown Fair Festival Winchester (UK)


One People - Lyrics

(lyrics by Nattali Rize)

Keep wakin’ up now now, Rizing Up Yeah Yeah….
babylon you hypocritic enemy u create more problems
than you’ve got the remedy.
You’re misleading and deceive My People endlessly
then you wonder why mi neva want you next to mi.

Your civilians are like slaves locked in servitude
and the only way you keep them is to keep them from The Truth.
While your institutions keep indoctrinate The Youth,
We hear you speak of Hope and change then you leave no proof.
babylon you’re smart now this is more than true,
but when The People wake on up they’ll come straight after you.
There’s no escapin’ from the plans we got set out for you,
you’ll see all Men Women and Children comin’ after you!

Life with you is illusion not reality
and for anyone who wants some peace you name insanity.
You subdue My People with stories and fantasies, false governments,
false courts, false authorities in this…

Iration, All Nations, One People, One Destiny, Iration, All Nations, One People, One Destiny…

babylon you are a sickness to society, there is no other that could claim more
notoriety, with all your chemical concoctions of variety, what you really seek is
for My People to go quietly. But what They’re really getting ill from is your mind control,
it has diminished our Intelligence and numbed our souls.
Manipulation of the masses is your only goal,
u may have succeeded but the difference is now we know!
So what u gonna do without our energy,
cause now we’re using it to make a brand new Energy.
Yeah We infuse our meditation, our philosophy,
learning to transcend beyond the Realms of this Reality yeh.
So babylon it’s over now it’s time u go, when ones foundations are rotten you can go no more.
So lift your eyes and set your sights upon the door and get the fuk out of our lives, don’t come bak, no more!

Iration, All Nations, One People, One Destiny, Iration, All Nations, One People, One Destiny…

Music’s The Healer, The Healer, she’s The Healer, Music’s The Healer, The Healer, she’s The Healer
in this Iration, All Nations, One People, One Destiny, Iration, All Nations, One People, One Destiny >>>




You wont see us on the TV, you wont read it in the news feed.
but the time it come, Change keeps beating like a Drum.
Cause The People have the Power, They keep Waking by the hour.
And the Youth them see so they’re breaking Free from your mental slavery.

Generations will Rize, Governments they will fall,
We’re the only ones who will carry us through it all,
If the words they are clear and the actions are strong,
Oh my People We can’t go wrong… so hold on. hold on. hold on. hold on.

Staring down their lie of democracy will you fight on your feet or live pon ur knees…? This is not the way that life’s supposed to be I’m callin’, callin’ yeah.

These generations are making that change, they’ve learnt your system now they’re gonna rage, better take care and babylon you be aware, this a warnin’ warnin’ yeah.

Generations will Rize, Governments they will fall,
We’re the only ones who will carry us through it all,
If the words they are clear and the actions are strong,
Oh my People We can’t go wrong… so hold on. hold on. hold on. hold on.

It’s just a drop inna di ocean of revolution, every ripple felt by the younger generation. Just Rize and take your stand where you belong cause it’s awakening, replacing them false religions.

Truth it spread like wild fyah in di streets, any thing less than equal rights get delete cause higher consciousness we seek, open up your heart and let that inner voice speak.


In the midst of these crazy times we’re gonna find our place, if we open up our hearts and let love lead the way.

To the world that we want to see, we nah have no place for dem capitalism and dem economy. So open up your heart and let Love lead the way again.



“….See with your own eyes, think with your own mind… we then start to create holes in the elaborate blanket of lies that cover our daily life, and thread by thread we start to unravel the system’s illusion of reality and reclaim our identity… our future…. our power…. our freedom!” #bornfree- nattali rize

New cycle words & intention - gregorian calendar new year 2015

Everywhere i go I keep West Papua and her struggle for Freedom in my thoughts and meditation…

May 2015 be a cycle of the Growth of Freedom for all Peoples, all suffering under slavery both physical and mental, a year of Freedom for those living under oppression, violence, the threat of war and hatred. A year that is the continuation and acceleration of the revealing of the Truth, The Light, The path forward out of this sick and selfish paradigm.

I keep the struggle of all indigenous in my consciousness, i specifically am hopeful, inspired and excited to see with my whole being the Uprizing of Indigenous Peoples around the globe, those who for so long have suffered the perpetual hate and humiliation of colonisation, colonialism, racism, inequity, judgment, invasion, sexism, exploitation, corporate mentality and it’s oppression disguised as ‘progress’ turning happy and healthy communities and environments into a capitalist wasteland.

2015 Will be a year of Indigenous Uprizing, with support from all walks of life from all reaches of the world…they will continue to reclaim their sovereignty, their dignity and their future for themselves and future generations therefore enhancing the Freedom and path to Freedom for all peoples everywhere. Love will continue to inspire and conquer.

May your 2015, on whichever calendar or time map you follow, be a cycle of growth mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, pursuing and growing closer to a state of higher consciousness and a full whole state of earthly and galactic well being….

May u wake into the new year fresh and ready for the battles and victories ahead. May you see more sun rises, star gaze more frequently, sing from a full heart, dance from a free spirit, laugh from a full belly, think from a growing awareness, love from deep within, live from the heights of the universe to the depths of the earth, the width of the oceans and find the time to exist in the calm yet vibrant clarity of your self’s centre.


Let FREEDOM advance throughout all nations, until there is no borders just the limitless flow of energies connecting, interacting and amplifying through this 3rd dimensional experience, through this life…..and if you’re reaching for other dimensions, may u find in your seeking, your yoga, meditation, deep in yourself, the knowing and the course to get there.

Healing & Inspiring One then All. Thrive.

And for every other thought, feeling and reaction i have there is MUSIC, The true Healer, Leader, Chariot, Mystic, Revolutionary,

Rebel. MUSIC!

Let your 2015 be filled with GREAT MUSIC, CONSCIOUS MUSIC, NEW MUSIC for the NEW ERA! >>>>> Thanks to one and all for all your support over the past years and year >>>> We are coming forward stronger and as empowered as ever with new music abundant for you in 2015…Keep ur eyes and ears out for new projects from me and link into my socialz to stay connected to it and me.

One Love Always from the me and the whole Blue King Brown crew. In love, courage and solidarity….

#ONE >>>>

#NattaliRize #Rebellioness #NewEra

Speech - CSG Free Movement (coal seam gas) - Sep 2012

Firstly I’d like to acknowledge country, the traditional owners of this land, members of the Bundjalung Nation and pay my respect to their elders past and present.

I acknowledge the ancient and powerful connection that indigenous people have to the land on which they live, where they keep and practice culture and build their dreams and hopes for future generations.

I’m here because I’ve heard about what’s being planned for this place… This wide reaching magical region was once my home, I know how beautiful and rich in natural majesty this area is and I know the quality of life it hosts in it. I went to high school in Byron Bay, I studied music in Lismore, I’ve stayed with family friends in Casino, lived rurally in the Byron hinterland, admired the scenery at the Border Ranges, and had some of my first performances in The Channon… I’ve come up here from Melbourne today because this region and its people are important to me, not just because I have friends and family here and not just because I used to live in the area, but because I consider this region and this battle to stop CSG mining, vital in keeping our collective future a safe and prosperous place to be….. I consider the importance of this issue to be paramount to just about every other issue facing Australians today.

Scientists tell us the environment is changing due to human induced warming of our climate, it is unequivocally stated that we as a nation and a species need to shift with haste to a renewably sourced energy supply…coal seam gas does not fit into this picture, not even slightly, it is wrong on so many levels, and like nuclear, these are not solutions to anything, they have and will continue to only cause more of the same, drama and suffering to the people and eco systems.

I’m obviously not alone when I sit in wonder about how premier O’Farell, minister Hartcher and federal government can still in this delicate time in the history of our planets health, be relentlessly pushing the mining boom in the face of climate catastrophe… in the face of destroying the country’s best land and water supply…. however, at the same time, can we really be overly surprised? For as long as capitalism rules the mentality of our governing bodies and individual politicians, we can only expect to see the ongoing destruction of our planet heralded as “progress”. But what is “progress “ really…? and whom is benefiting from this so called “progress”..? us? no, to us and to any other normal person, it looks a lot like insanity, or psychopathic behavior, what other explanation could there be…considering all the evidence against Fracking, what else could explain the corrupt thinking that is being exercised here?

They count on our ignorance but we know the interconnectedness between our planets health and our health, between the health of the land and the health of our children, between a safe water supply and a safe future.

So we say Lock The Gate and don’t co-operate with these pirates, but furthermore, don’t co-operate with any unjust policies or laws that put the future of you and your family at risk. …

I think this is an important time for us to be unifying like this, the way we are today…and not just here but all over the world our brothers and sisters are getting together and saying ‘Enuff is Enuff” in the face of environmental injustice.

I believe we are the transition period into a new era of humanism, which is why this rally, to me, is about more than the important blocking of coal and CSG mining in the Northern Rivers….it’s also a vital turning point in the greater battle of environmental justice over corruption and greed on a national scale… It’s about all of us becoming more patriotic about where we live and I’m not talking about Australia, I’m talking about becoming patriotic about Planet Earth, and fighting for the human rights of all people. Access to safe drinking water is a human right… therefore these mining companies and government bodies approving them are absolutely guilty of human rights abuse and should be charged accordingly.

While our federal “environment” minister Tony Burke has just approved the worlds largest coal port to be built in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, and as our Prime Minister heads to India to broker a deal to sell them our toxic uranium, we see no end to the sickness that consumes ethical and moral obligation to make way for money, profits and power for a few…. more of the same mentality will only produce more of the same dire effects to our planet… this is blatant corruption and it must stop!

Every day that their system tries to corner you or your neighbors into dirty deals, is another day we must get a little more extreme in our activism and in our actions but also more creative and inclusive in sharing those experiences and making them appealing to those members of our wider community who struggle to see the true nature of mining companies and the politics that allow them to prosper.

I’d like to call out to those miners operating the machines, to the companies supplying them with deadly chemicals, to the office workers balancing the books and the police officers protecting corporate priveledge…. You have a choice to be a part of the poisoning of your community’s land and water therefore your childrens future, or to stand with those of us who are fighting for a sustainable, healthy and safe future for all Australians… it is that simple… which side of history will you be standing on…?

If one good thing that has come from csg mining in Australia today, it’s the incredible unification of our community, such a courageous and formidable new force made up from the most colorful spectrum of people from the right to the left and everywhere in between, I’ve not seen such a strong cross section of diversity behind an environmental movement like this one before in this country. And that’s why this anti coal and coal seam gas mining movement is a key player in deciding the path we as a country take into the future.

Lastly, we have to remember that we are all a part of a global family, and we have the responsibility to look out for one another, to make sure our brothers and sisters from all nations, are safe and free from abuse and distortion of their right to safe food and water…and when we fight for the rights and freedom of all people, we are elevating our collective spirit of human dignity and showing humanity that another world is possible, A world without poverty, hatred, humiliation and endless exploitation of our environment, a world where the resources of the planet are not continuously plundered for the benefit of a few.

Lock the Gate, lock up the entire region, and hold politicians and mining executives accountable for their atrocious disservice to our community and our nation.

Speech - Aboriginal Deaths In Custody Rally (Sep 2013)

We’d like to firstly acknowledge the traditional owners of this land we gather on today, the Bunwurrung and Wurundjeri of the Kulin Nations. We recognize the deep connection that indigenous people have to the land where they live, where they keep and practice culture and language and where they build hopes and dreams for future generations.


We wanted to be here today because we as indigenous women, myself of Samoan & Native American decent, and Lea and Petra indigenous to West Papua, we have seen the similarities in the indigenous struggles in our nations and wherever indigenous people live across our world today.


Colonization is something that began some time ago here in Australia, and other western nations but it has a very obvious lingering effect on the mindset and fundamental fabric of this society…Colonization is something that is currently happening in West Papua. And as a direct result of these brutal campaigns of genocide and human rights abuse both current and in the past, we see growing numbers of unexplained and un-reprimanded deaths in custody.

We came here today in the name of JUSTICE. We no longer want any of our people to believe in a system that continues to oppress them. We no longer want to see our young indigenous brothers and sisters, and all Australians of ethnic background, being racially profiled and more likely to encounter brutality and unfairness at the hands of the police or criminal justice system.


In the area where we live, we hear of young boys from the African continent are being racially profiled by police, if ur in a group or hanging out with your friends then you become a target for police harassment.

All Australians are affected by this systemic racism, this is a battle for indigenous Australians, but also for all nations living in and sharing this country, for African, Indian, Afghani, Pacific Islanders, Melanesian, Asian as well as Anglo Australians, because as long as our justice system remains unjust, then none of us can count on our own rights being protected and respected by authorities or the corporate justice system and their private prison counterparts.


Indigenous deaths in custody and all deaths in custody, to me are a very sad symptom of a governing structure that enables and protects such abuses of power. such distortion of Justice from the very offices supposedly created to protect and serve the people. When a human being dies in custody that is blatant negligence and an extreme perversion of their duty of care.


>>Today We’re calling out to those police men and women in the force, who are concerned about this issue, to stand up and raise your voices from the inside. We call on you to do what you’re enlisted to do and protect and serve your community.. We call on you to behave as true Peace officers, we need you to show us that there are men and women serving on the force who also want to see an end to police brutality, who do act with their communities best interests at heart, and who understand that even if you are not individually linked to these incidents, your collective name is greatly tarnished and therefore action must be taken, with haste, to gain the trust of your community both locally and nationally.


To those of us gathered here and around the nation today, We’re here to remind ourselves that what we do is powerful, the actions that we as a community take, and so too are the words we speak… we should always be mindful of our language… and make sure the younger generations are brought up knowing the truth about the world they live in and how to articulate themselves confidently and calmly when faced with aggression and negativity wherever it may come from, make sure we’re inspiring them to become powerful thinkers, be sure to tell them, show them that it’s not only ok to question authority, but that in this day and age it’s essential that we do so.


If the federal and local police departments are really authentic about cutting back crime in our communities, then they must look beyond the streets and into the mirror… to include themselves and the prison systems into their network of areas that need Urgent attention. We fully support Mavis Pat’s call to Establish elected community based police review boards with the full legal and legislative powers to investigate, discipline and charge police and custodial officers found to be involved in a death in custody. And to create an Independent investigative body with full powers to deal with these issues, as police investigating police is a blatant conflict of interest.


We’d be doing a great disservice to humanity if we chose to look away in the face of this kind of injustice and prejudice. Which is why everyone here today is an important part of this movement. We must continue to rize up, to exercise our free will and common sense of morality to stand up face to face with these obstacles of hate that clearly keep us from the real world of peace and true freedom that we all deserve.


We are dreamers like you, we dream that another world is possible, a world without violence, fear of brutality and racial discrimination … a world built on morality, and equality… and we believe our creative resistance to the injustices our people face daily, are potent and vital in realizing that world. We believe information, knowledge and Truth are powerful, and that We are the ones to take responsibility for sharing it and presenting it to those corners if our communities that are yet to hear, read or feel it… It is up to us.. We have to keep our minds strong, no matter what lies and propaganda come our way, We must be walking talking sanctuaries of the truth, of the vision and the manifestation of our future, and so we must embody our dreams of a new world, carry them with us in our steps as we walk, give them life in our words as we speak, in our eyes as we see and in our thoughts as we ponder, generate and project our intentions and the future we seek, into the world.


Lastly we’d like to remind you that We Are All Connected on this Our shared Earth, ALL Connected in this ever shifting movement of life, Inspiration, of LOVE & Creation. We shout out to all our indigenous and non indigenous brothers and sisters across the globe fighting to bring light and justice to this issue and the many other battles they’re involved in. And so we too will continue to fight the flow of injustice until we need not fight anymore, until our planetary future is ours, until We are completely free in conscious, in thought, free to grow and become who or whatever we want without fear or hindrance from a colonialist past.

Keep Rizing Up for what u believe in… Keep Rizing Up for those who can’t … and for our collective struggle for the globalization of Real Justice. Peace and Strength.

Speech - West Papua Freedom Rally - Dec 1, 2012

Let the light shine through the darkness for the dawning of a new day come…with the rise of the Morning Star…>>>>

Firstly I would like to acknowledge country, give respect to the traditional owners of this land the Bunwurrung and Wurundjeri of the Kulin Nations… I acknowledge the ancient and powerful connection that indigenous people have the land on which they live, where they keep and practice culture and build their dreams and hopes for future generations.


I also acknowledge the Indigenous West Papuan community present here today to thank them for their invitation to be here, for organizing this event and giving us the opportunity to learn about and show our support for your cause… to be here supporting your struggle for Freedom. A goal I believe that all nations but in particular, Australians, play a key role in helping to achieve.


As with other musicians here today, Music is my weapon of choice to fight against brutality, to fight against impunity, inequality and immorality. I come here today as such a musician but also as a young global citizen who recognizes great injustice when I see it and who is not willing or able to be un affected by it or remain silent about it.


After getting to know members of the West Papuan community over the past 2 years but particularly in the last year, and hearing some of their stories and the stories coming out of West Papua regularly, I cant imagine what it’s like to be West Papuan and not be able to live in the land where your father is from, where your mothers people are from, from where your language, culture and identity stem…and to live in a developed nation like Australia with all the resources available to help your people, but to have to witness politicians routinely ignore your people’s call for fair treatment for an end to the abuse, torture and killings, routinely ignore your people’s honest calls for attention and assistance.


In Australia there has been a convenient ignorance by the Government of the human rights abuses happening in West Papua, abuses that are committed by Indonesian forces trained in Australia, by Australians….Where is Julia Gillard, where is Bob Carr, who are they? who are these frauds? these people who tell us they believe in such things as democracy, freedom of speech, and human rights… where is the extension of their moral leadership that should be using all of it’s resources to ensure that our closest neighbours are not victims of ongoing torture, and oppression by the Indonesian government and military. One doesn’t have to look very deep to see that there are large scale Australian business interests in Papua such as mining and logging, Well I’ve well and truly had enuff of seeing this world run for the benefit of those sick and dis-connected individuals in our society that see one peoples suffering as another ones business opportunity.… This exploitation of West Papuans and their land must stop and all those guilty of standing by and watching as well as perpetuating and committing these crimes against humanity, should be charged accordingly.


Remember that Freedom for West Papua, and all people suffering under oppressive regimes is closely related to FREEDOM for us all… as all of humanity’s struggles are linked in the greater picture of global justice… And by ensuring the freedom of those struggling for the most basic human rights like life, liberty and security of person, we are in turn loosening the shackles of perpetual exploitation and enslavement to the current world system that thrives on inequality, poverty and short-term corporate profiteering…
It comes back to that simple but potent truth that none of us can truly be free until all of us are free.


That is why I am here standing alongside our West Papuan Brothers and Sisters, that and because I refuse to be indifferent to what goes on, on our planet and in our name. I refuse to allow West Papuan voices to go un heard, to allow them to remain amongst the worlds forgotten.

We call on all our elected and diplomatic representatives, to address the issues of police violence and militant brutality occurring in West Papua.

We call on them to apply their diplomatic pressure to the Indonesian government to allow international journalists inside Papua to report on casualties and current occurrences.

We call on the United Nations to uphold the rights of Indigenous People by sending in UN monitors and re-facilitating a referendum on West Papuan Sovereignty.


To those of you non Papuans who have come here today, I say to you that the power to help change the situation in West Papua is in your hands. This issue is not yet in the minds or awareness of the majority of Australians, it has not yet found it’s way into mainstream consciousness… if there’s something you can do to contribute and add to the momentum of this movement, it is to share the story of West Papua with your family and ur facebook friends…. it is to simply say the words FREE WEST PAPUA to someone you know and let the conversations begin there.


And to the West Papuan community here, inside West Papua and around the world, and to your supporters; Keep those fire’s in your bellies hot, the path to freedom has never been anything less than a long and hard road, but you must remember your supporters are growing in numbers, justice seekers around the globe are starting to hear about your fight and we justice and truth seekers are in all corners of the Earth… we’re in the pacific islands, we’re your relatives throughout Melanesia, we’re in Europe and the UK, in the United States and the Americas, we are in Africa, we are in Asia and we are right here with u in Australia…!


I truly believe that the injustices faced daily by West Papuans must come to an immediate and lasting end, and that the international community and especially Australians have the power to help our closest neighbours achieve a quality of life they deserve… It has been 51 years since the first flag raising ceremony of the Morning Star Flag in West Papua, 50 years of horrific human rights abuse by Indonesian military. 50 years living under the threat of violence, imprisonment and murder… 50 years of complete media block out to the region… 50 years too many. It’s time for us to get behind those indigenous West Papuan voices calling for self-determination, calling for their human rights to be protected, and calling for their right to a just referendum where all Papuans can vote and decide on their own future.
In our Resistance Freedom finds her place to dream… so fight on, keep rising like the Morning Star, seeking and finding ways to carve justice and freedom into the building blocks and framework of the world we deserve. Merdeka!



Welcome to the New Era - 21st of the 12th, 2012.

welcome to the new era…!
this significant marker of natural time bellows out an opportunity for
humanity to be respectful and honourable toward all life on our shared planet..
to awaken to the fact that what we do as individuals affects the whole…
and that we are all part of this great interconnectedness that gives us all life.
in my eyes, this is a great day to celebrate the possibilities laying
in front of us,to open our minds and keep evolving…
humanity is waking up….keep waking up…>>>>
a time for shining light into the darkest places
of current world culture.
a time for truth, a time for us….>>>
from my heart i say to you..
happy new era!
>>> peace & strength >>>





“… Enuff corporate noise in the ears of the youth … Time to spread the Truth.”


The future is now. With a deep Reggae Influence Nattali Rize brings heavy beats & conscious rebel lyrics to a progressive electronic, roots, reggae, dub foundation. But this is more than genre labels; The music, message & intention trancends all that, forget the borders and waters that divide us, the movement is to ignite the great remembrance of who we are, our collective power, what we can be, to break the mental conditioning and find full freedom in this lifetime.

“Nattali is a bright light in the world with a vision that extends beyond the stage.”– Michael Franti (Spearhead)

The term ‘social change’ is not quite enough for Nattali, her thinking is more along the lines of “full systemic overhaul!” with Rebel Frequency Nattali declares “We’re here to deliver a different frequency to what is being transmitted by the current world system and culture of consumerism and mental slavery.”

Nattali Rize is recognised globally for her unwavering commitment to using her voice and music for the global shift toward Full Freedom and the movement of Truth and Justice over the systemic exploitation of the people and our planet. The exciting evolution of the multi-dimensional artist sees the dynamic front woman leading out fresh with a new heavy five-piece international live band from Jamaica and Australia. This is a global mash up of raw energy and vibe that together has been rocking stages since the band first burst onto the scene in 2015.

“One of the nation’s most refreshing voices” – Rolling Stone.

After relocating in 2014 to Kingston, Jamaica, Nattali Rize launched her live project out of Jamaica into the US, EU and beyond with a strong run of captivating festival performances and national club shows. Now with tours alongside the likes of Michael Franti and Spearhead, Katchafire, Third World, J-Boog, Julian Marley, Tribal Seeds and more under her belt, the worldwide movement is ever rizing!


2017 sees the release of her debut album – Rebel Frequency. Modern technology and a tireless world travel schedule, has broken down artistic barriers, allowing the album to be put together between the cultural hubs of Kingston, Jamaica and Australia. Ask her where she comes from, she’ll tell you “All Directions”, with no fixed address, Nattali is now based where the music takes her, Nattali Rize claims not to belong to any nation state, but to the ever-evolving community of awakening consciousness. The global mission – to uplift and unify consciousness & Rize together.

“Our intention with our music is to ignite that memory in ourselves of our individual and collective power to live life to the fullest and recognise our selves and each other as evolving beings of light. A reality of Full Freedom is a possibility on this earth and in these times. We use music to sound frequencies infused with this idea, and to resonate at a higher level than what is currently being permeated across current world culture. People are powerful; we want them to reclaim that power and no longer be servants to a system that has never, and will never, serve them to their fullest potential. As such, our frequency in this system is a rebel …  Rebel Music, Rebel Frequencies we deal with!” – Nattali Rize.



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